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Tuning Fuel

Tuning Fuel

  • Difference between AFR and Lambda
    • lamda is the same for all fuels not just gasoline
  • Stoich Mixture for Cruise 14.7:1 AFR
  • Dangers of an Overly Rich Mixture
    • cylinder wall wash
    • oil contaminated with fuel, reducing lubrication properties
    • High Egt’s
  • Dangers of an Overly Lean Mixture
    • detonation
    • destruction of internal components
  • What to Tune AFR at?
    • 12:1 is a good power range (prone to det)
    • 11:1 more reliable (10.5:1 to 11:1 for TMIC, 11:1 to 11.5:1 with FMIC)
  • AFR Target for Fast Turbo Spoolup
  • More or less power with leaner/richer mixture?
  • Comparing Dictated AFR to actual measured AFR with wideband
  • Don’t use factory o2 sensor!! Need Wideband!
    • Narrow band o2 reading is only .4v variance to show Lean or Rich
    • Factory (narrow band) o2 not precise enough to give a decent reading, let alone rely on for tune
  • Adjusting for Intakes
  • Choosing Injectors
  • Adjusting for Injector Size Change
  • Injector Latency


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