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Tuning Boost

Tuning Boost (Subaru Specific)

  • Basic Overview of the Factory Boost Control System (Target Boost, Max WGDC, Turbo Dynamics)
  • Pros/Cons of Using Aftermarket Boost Control (MBC, EBC)
  • Explain How Percieved Problem with Tune or Factory BCS May be a Mechanical Problem (Wastegate arm too loose, External WG needed)
  • Ways to Make Factory Boost Control More Effective / Fix a Mechanical Problem
    • Boost Control on the TD04
      • Improving Response and Holding Boost Better (Wastegate Arm Adjustment - Did Wonders for me!)
    • Boost Control on Other Turbos
      • Drilling Restrictor Pill
      • Upgrading Solenoid to GM or Prodrive 3-Port

Tuning Boost in RomRaider

  1. Log Boost
  2. Reaching Target Boost?
    • No? Increase Max Wastegate Duty Cycle & Log Again (Over 90% not safe for prolonged periods)
      • If WGDC is above 90% & still not reaching target, May Need pill or prodrive/GM solenoid
    • Yes? Boost is Tuned, maybe focus on improving spoolup early on
      • High WGDC Early in RPM range to keep WG closed and improve spoolup
  3. Tuning Turbo Dynamics?


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