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Rom Raider Team

The RomRaider Development Team

RomRaider is a free, open source project created by many people. Below is a list of people who have made contributions, but is by no means definitive. In parentheses are the members’ usernames on the forum.

Current Active Members

Former Members

  • Jared Gould (qoncept) - Lead Developer, Founder
  • Jojo Serquina (IWantMeAJojo) - Testing, Public Relations
  • JR Adams (jradams38) - Ramtune Development
  • Ben Wolk-Weiss (Worxman02) - Logo design
  • Eric Morgan (Tgui) - 3D graphing, UTEC integration
  • Bill Gregg (merchgod) - ECU Definitions
  • Gabe (gabedude) - Ecuflash Integration
  • Steve Crisp (crispyduck) - Wikimanic - site redesign
  • Braden Bergher (ev8siv3) - Testing
  • Paul Brunckhorst (kascade) - Logger Development, Lead Developer
  • David Rees (drees) - Bug Fixes and Optimization
  • Steve Wadsworth (lizzardo) - Build Automation (ant), Developer


RomRaider Forums

Join our forums, the best place to find help and answers!


RomRaider is developed and supported by volunteers working on their own time. To support their efforts please consider making a donation.

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