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Professional RomRaider Tuner Directory

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  1.   1.  South East US
  2.   2.  Midwest US
  3.   3.  Northeast US
  4.   4.  Northwest US
  5.   5.  Central US
  6.   6.  Southwest US
  7.   7.  New Zealand
  8.   8.  Kenya, East Africa
  9.   9.  The Philippines
  10. 10.  Taiwan
  11. 11.  Costa Rica
  12. 12.  UK/Ireland
  13. 13.  Barbados
  14. 14.  Russia

Looking for a professional tuner to tune your car with RomRaider? The following list will hopefully help you find a tuner near you.

Note: All listings are maintained by the individual companies. The RomRaider team does NOT verify the validity of any claims made in this section. Therefore, it is up to the user to do their own research. This is not designed to be an all-inclusive list. Some professional tuners tune with RomRaider even though they are not listed here.

1.  South East US

  • Fast Performance Tuning, Birmingham Alabama
    • Over 20 years experience building and tuning engines. From bikes to cars, JDM to USDM. We can build or tune any setup.
    • Tuning: We perform dyno tuning, road tuning and remote tuning.
    • Facebook:
    • Email:
  • Matt Holland, LightSpeed Performance, Jacksonville, FL
We tune Subaru’s and Mitsubishi’s using the Open Source ECU Software. I have been tuning cars for about 6 years now. We specialize in ECUTek, RomRaider, ECUEdit, TurboXS UTEC, Hydra, Xede, etc. We also tune a wide range of other makes and models besides Suby’s and Mitsubishi’s.
  • Ben Yang, Performance Driven, South Georgia & North Florida
have laptop will travel back from Okinawa, Japan. Currently located in north central florida. Can tune just about everything needing a laptop to a screw driver..carbs. Also offer engine build and general installs.

2.  Midwest US

  • Johnson Tuning Indianapolis, IN Open Source and Accessport custom tuning for Subarus and select Mitsubishi’s.
E-tuning, remote tuning, and travel tuning available.
Contact:, 812–820–8464
Open Source, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Hondas, Toyotas, Stock ecu setups, stand alones, remote tuning, Authorized eCtune tuner, 5k sq ft speed shop, new Mustang load dyno etc. Contact: Visit web page for contact info!
Open Source tuning, HP Tuners, DSM Link, AEM, Hydra, Link and many other ECU’s. Offering tuning for Evo, Subaru, GM, Ford, Honda, and much more. We are also Cobb AP Protuners as well as SCT for most domestic applications.
  • Scott McAfoos, Granger, IN
Open Source, Exclusively tune Subaru’s. I make regular trips to Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Grand Rapids for tuning. Feel free to look me up on local forums for these events (, Contact:
Subaru Dyno Tuning using RomRaider, EcuFlash, Opensource, Cobb Protuner, Hydra, Vipec, Link, UTEC and many other ECUs on our AWD Dyno Dynamics.

3.  Northeast US

  • Mike Bruell, [TURBO MIKE TUNING], Charlton, MA
Experienced tuner using open source tools for Subaru and Mitsubishi. In house AWD mustang dyno. Specializing in swapped high power drift cars and stand alone ECU tuning. Instagram @turbo.mike
We can dyno tune using RomRaider and the open source systems, as well as any other management system you might have. We are looking forward to the RealTime tuning and will also donate back to the enginuity project when we tune with the systems. We have an AWD500SE Mustang Dyne and the RT Tuning will really let the steady state fly! Our tuner is EFI 101 and EFI Advanced certified.
  • John (Gimpy) Rosolino, MRP, Westbury, NY
Tune using opensource and COBB, Mustang Dyno 516–242–6089

4.  Northwest US

Dyno tunes, reflashes, standalones, Dynocom AWD Dyno, Superflow Engine Dyno, Engine builds, COBB, HPTuners, RomRaider, Osiris, AEM, Hydra etc 360–474–8225
Tune using dynodynamics awd dyno, opensource, autronic, cobb, service and installation, E85 experience, EFI 101 Advanced tuners 303–442–6508 opion 2.
  • T. Paul Peterson, Certified 12 volt installation specialist Commerce City, CO moved to Oklahoma City, OK.
Tune using opensource dynodynamics awd dyno, EFI 101 Certified, MECP Advanced Certified, Electronics installation and troubleshooting, bolt on installations. Subaru oriented.

5.  Central US

  • Braden Bergher, XPTTuning, Austin / Round Rock, TX
Road tunes, remote tuning, Specializing in Subarus tuned with open source and other engine management.
  • Keith Fields, AWDTuning, Flower Mound TX / DFW
Custom fabrication, engine design and building, all Subaru maintenance & repair, road tunes, dyno tuning, remote tuning, installs, Grimmspeed parts distributor, Specializing in Subarus tuned with open source and other engine management.

6.  Southwest US

  • Ron Watson, PhatBotti Tuning , Anaheim, CA
remote tuning/e-tunes, Specializing in Subarus.

7.  New Zealand

Tune using dynapac awd dyno, Roadtune, opensource, EcuTek, LINK, Apexi, Mitsi, Subaru, Nissan, Holden and Ford, service and installation, fabrication, all latest equipment.

New Zealands most experienced tuner


8.  Kenya, East Africa

  • Charles Kibue
Opensource Tuning using Dastek AWD dyno, Roadtunes on Mitsubishi Evo V to X, Subaru,
Email: ckkibue [at]

9.  The Philippines

  • Mark Bata
I work with AvoTurboworld, Grimmspeed, Perrin Performance, Fusion R, Philippine Automotive Depot, Berrima Diesel Philippines (Mainline)
  • Tuning Specific to Subarus 1999 to 2014, 2015 Subaru DIT, BRZ/86 (Romraider ecu editor and logger, ecuflash, other tools)
  • Etuning, Road, Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers (Petrol,E85)
  • Vehicle Maintenance, Diagnose, Repair, Replace, Rebuild

10.  Taiwan

  • Les Sharp
Opensource tuning all Subaru turbo models 2003 to 2013, specialize in late model Legacy GT, Forester XT and STi.
0933 593979
  • Taiwan reseller of RacerX intercoolers
  • Road tunes and dyno tuning on Dynopack available by appointment
Contact info

11.  Costa Rica

Alex Maroto, Alex Tuning S.A.

Opensource tuning all Subaru turbo models 2001 to 2013
Opensource tuning all Mitsubishi Evo IV-X
Ecutek Dealer, Flash99, Flash2003, Delta Dash and Raceroom. Impreza Turbo MY99/00 and WRX/STI 2001–2004 not DBW
Phone number +506 87117336
  • High Performance Efi tuner by EFI University, CA, USA
  • Certified Haltech, Motec and AEM tuner
  • Costa Rica Hawk performance brake pads autorized dealer
  • Costa Rica DBA bake disks autorized dealer
  • Road tunes and dyno tuning (third party Dynojet) 4WD and 2WD available by appointment
Contact info

12.  UK/Ireland

BlueDog Tuning

Virtual Dyno
e-tuning for subaru/mitsubishi (ecuflash and ESL)
Health Check/Diagnostics

DervTech Tuning - Manchester, UK

Bosch 4wd Dyno
BMW MS41/MS43 and most diesel & petrol modern systems
Health Check/Diagnostics

13.  Barbados

Xtreme Racing Tuning

11 Years of Tuning experience (as of 2006) -
Virtual Dyno back up with 1/4 mile results
E-Tuning/Remote Tuning for Subaru -
Support Opensource Tuning, Engine Management Systems & Powertrain Solutions -
Specialised in LINK EMS, Vi-PEC, SYVECS, HYDRA
Specialised in 4EAT, 5EAT & CVT Tuning
Specialised in Tuning boosted NA Subaru’s - 2.5i, 3.0R, 3.6R

14.  Russia


6 Years of Tuning as of 2014
tune Subaru’s using the Open Source ECU Software. We specialize in RomRaider, ECUEdit, subaruEdit, DimeMod


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