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GM Stuff

RomRaider hasn’t historically had any support for GM vehicles, which is unfortunate because most of the GM tuning tools are either expensive or cumbersome.

But now that there is open source reflashing software ( and free reflashing software ( we’re closing to having RomRaider support for some GM cars from the early 2000s. The main things we need are conversion of XDF definitions to RomRaider’s XML format, and a good data logger.

SWPCM HammerfreeYesNoNo - Open source, supports 512kb P01 (aka 411) PCMs
SWLS DroidfreeYesNoNo - Free, supports P01 and 1mb P59 PCMs
HW+SWHP Tuners$650ishYes?? - Saved files are encrypted / obfuscated, not compatible with IDA
HW+SWJet DST?YesYes? - Apparently only works with 2006 and later
SoftwareBlackBox FlashFreeYes-- - Requires AVT-852 interface
SoftwareTunerProFreemium-Yes? - Has a ‘real time’ version that requires third-party hardware
HardwareMoates RoadRunner$600Yes-?PCM with a USB cable, supports real-time emulation, requires TunerCat emulator ($225) or EfiLive ($1050)

Other resources:

XDF files for TunerPro
BIN files for TunerPro
Reflash via terminal?
LS1 Flash Tool
LS1 Flash Tool (2nd thread)


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