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Supported ECU Revision List

This is a list of all Subaru ECUs currently supported by the latest RomRaider ECU definitions ( 10–07–09). Make sure you have the latest ECU definitions which may be newer than those bundled with the RomRaider download. A ROM ID marked with an asterisk(*) indicates the 32-bit ECU, whereas no asterisk indicates the 16-bit ECU. The transmission is also listed (AT = automatic, MT = manual, MT/AT = supports either).
ROM ID with a trailing pound(#) indicates that the ROM is not officially supported in the latest release but an EXPERIMENTAL definition is available which may not be complete or accurate.

Note: Model year and trim are supplied by the users submitting the ROMs. If not given, an educated guess is made as there is no known method of determining this from the ROM itself. As such, the model year and trim listed may not be accurate in all cases.

For continuing updates please refer to this forum thread.

1.  US Domestic Market (USDM)

B9 Tribeca
06 D0XJ002B (AT)*
07 D2UG101B (AT)*

Baja Turbo
04 A2ZJ500K (AT)*, A2ZJ500L (MT)*
05 A2WC400K (AT)*, A2WC500K (AT)*, A2WC501K# (AT)*, A2WC500L (MT)*, A2WC501L (MT)*
06 A2WF100K (AT)*, A2WF100L (MT)*, A2WF101K (AT)*, A2WF101L (MT)*

Forester 2.5
05 E2ZJ121H (MT/AT)*
06 E2VG211D (MT/AT)*
07 E2VG221D (MT/AT)*
08 E2TB011I (AT)*
09 EZ1G109K (MT)*

Forester XT
04 A2ZJ201D (AT)*, A2ZJ500I (MT)*, A2ZJ512I (MT)*
05 A2WC400D (AT)*, A2WC400I (MT)*, A2WC410D (AT)*, A2WC410I (MT)*, A2WC411I (MT)*, A2WC412D (AT)*, A2WC412I (MT)*
06 A8DH100I (MT)*, A8DH101D (AT)*, A8DH101I (MT)*
07 A8DK100D (AT)*
07/08 A8DK100I (MT)*
09 AZ1G101R (AT)*

Impreza 2.5i
06 E2UE202L (MT)*, E2VH100C (MT/AT)*, E2VH101C (MT/AT)*, E2VH102C (MT/AT)*, E2VH111C (MT/AT)*, E2VH112C (MT/AT)*, E2VH202C (MT/AT)*
07 E2UE101L (AT)*, E2UE102L (MT)*, E2UG002L# (MT)*
08 EZ1E102G (MT)*, EZ1E102H (AT)*
08/09 EZ1E401G (MT)*

Impreza 2.5RS
05 E2ZJ101G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ103G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ111G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ113G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ121G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ123G (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ133G (MT/AT)*

Impreza STi
A4TJ1X00 (MT/AT)
04 A2ZJ500J (MT)*, A2ZJ700J (MT)*, A2ZJ710J (MT)*
05 A2ZJB10J (MT)*, A2ZJB11J (MT)*
06 A2ZJE11J (MT)*
07 A2UG000J (MT)*, A2UJ000J (MT)*
08/09 AZ1G201I (MT)*, AZ1G202I (MT)*
10 AZ1G701I (MT)*, AZ1G702I# (MT)*
11 AE5I910V# (MT)*, AE5IB00V# (MT)*
12 AE5K500V# (MT)*

Impreza WRX
02 A4SG900C (MT/AT), A4SGA00C (MT/AT), A4SGC00C (MT/AT), A4SGD10C (MT/AT), A4SGE00C (MT/AT), A4SGE01C (MT/AT)
03 A4TC101K (AT), A4TC101L (MT), A4TC300K (AT), A4TC300L (MT), A4TC400L (MT), A4TC401L (MT)
04 A4TF300E (AT), A4TF300F (MT), A4TF400E (AT), A4TF500F (MT), A4TF510E (AT), A4TF510F (MT), A4TF520F (MT)
05 A4TF7000 (MT), A4TF800E (AT), A4TF800F (MT), A4TF810F (MT)
06 A8DH200W (AT)*, A8DH200X (MT)*, A8DH201X (MT)*, A8DH202X (MT)*
07 A8DK100W (AT)*, A8DK100X (MT)*, A8DK101X (MT)*
08 AZ1E401A (MT)*, AZ1E401B (AT)*
09 AZ1G401V (MT)*
10 AZ1G701V# (MT)*
11 AE5I910L# (MT)*, AE5IA10L# (MT)*

Legacy 2.5i
05 E2ZJ101B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ141B# (MT/AT)*, E2ZJ173B# (MT/AT)*
06 E2VG221B# (MT/AT)*
08 EZ1D105C (MT)*, EZ1D201D (AT)*
09 EZ1D302B (AT)*, EZ1D302C (MT)*, EZ1D302D (AT)*

Legacy 3.0R
09 D2TC001P (AT)*, D2TB102P# (AT)*

Legacy GT spec.B
07 A2UG000L (MT)*, A2UI001L (MT)*
08 A2TB000L (MT)*, A2TB001L (MT)*

Legacy GT
05 A2WC500C (AT)*, A2WC500N (MT)*, A2WC510C (AT)*, A2WC510N (MT)*, A2WC511C (AT)*, A2WC511N (MT)*, A2WC521C (AT)*, A2WC521N (MT)*, A2WC522N (MT)*
06 A2WF200C (AT)*, A2WF200N (MT)*
07 A2UG000C (AT)*, A2UG000N (MT)*, A2UI001C (AT)*
08 A2TB000N (MT)*

Legacy/Outback GT/XT
08 A2TB001C (AT)*
08/09 A2TB001N (MT)*

Outback 2.5i
06 E2VG222B (MT/AT)*
07 E2UE102B# (MT)*

Outback XT
05 A2WC500R (AT)*, A2WC510R (AT)*, A2WC510S (MT)*, A2WC511R (AT)*, A2WC521R (AT)*, A2WC521S# (MT)*, A2WC522S (MT)*
06 A2WF200R (AT)*, A2WF200S (MT)*

09 DZ1E402B (AT)*

2.  Australian/South American Domestic Market (ADM)

Forester 2.5
06 E2VG212E (MT/AT)*
06/07 E2UE101J (AT)*, E2UE102J (MT)*
09 EZ1G107M (MT)*

Forester Turbo
01/02 A4SE700F (MT/AT), A4SE700J (MT/AT)
03 A4RL100K (MT/AT)

Forester XT
04 A2ZJ500H (AT)*, A2ZJ500M (MT)*
05 A2WC400H (AT)*, A2WC400M (MT)*, A2WC420M (MT)*, A2ZJA00Q (MT/AT)*
06 A8DH100H (AT)*, A8DH100M (MT)*
07 A8DK100E (AT)*, A8DK100H (AT)*, A8DK100M (MT)*

Impreza STi
01/02 A4RG060P (MT/AT)
03 A4RM100G (MT/AT)
04 A4RN300I (MT/AT)
06 A8DH200V (MT)*
07 A8DK100V (MT)*
08 AZ1G200J (MT)*
10 AZ1G700H# (MT)*
11 AZ1G800L# (MT)*

Impreza WRX
01/02 A4SE700I (MT/AT), A4SE900I (MT/AT)
03 A4TE0000 (MT/AT), A4TE001I (MT/AT)
04 A4TH000N (MT/AT), A4TH000O (MT/AT)
05 A4RM100F (MT/AT), A4RM200K (MT/AT), A4TH100H (MT/AT), A4TH100L (MT/AT)
06 A8DH200O (MT)*, A8DH200U (MT)*
07 A8DK100L (MT)*, A8DK100O (MT)*, A8DK100U (MT)*
08 AZ1E400C (MT)*, AZ1E400E (MT)*
09 AZ1G400W (MT)*, AZ1G400X (MT)*

Liberty 2.5i
08 E2TB102M (MT)*

Liberty 3.0R
04 D2WD610H (MT)*
05 D2WD603H (MT)*
06 D0XJ001M (MT)*, D0XJ001T (AT)*
07 D2UH001M (MT)*

Liberty B4 (DTC DEFS ONLY)
02 A4SH701K (MT/AT)
03 A4SHA10R (MT/AT)

Liberty GT
04 A2WD001G (AT)*, A2WD010G (AT)*, A2WD012G (AT)*, A2ZJ800G (AT)*, A2ZJC00G (AT)*, A2ZJD00G (AT)*, A2ZJD02G (AT)*
05 A2WD002T (MT)*, A2WD010T (MT)*, A2WD012T (MT)*
06 A2WD010Y (AT)*, A2WD010Z (MT)*
07 A2UG002T (MT)*
08 A2UG001G (AT)*, A2UI000Y (AT)*, A2UI000Z (MT)*
10 AE5F301D (MT)*

3.  European Domestic Market (EDM)

Forester Turbo
01/02 A4SE700E (MT/AT)
03 A4RL100J (MT/AT)

Forester X
11 EP5D004L# (AT)*

Forester XT
04 A2WC401F (MT)*, A2WC420F (MT)*, A2ZJ500F (MT/AT)*
05 A2ZJA00P (MT/AT)*, A2ZJA10P (MT/AT)*
06 A8DH100F (MT)*, A8DH100P (AT)*
07 A8DK100F (MT)*, A8DK100P (AT)*
09/10 AZ1G101M (MT)*, AZ1G101N (AT)*

Impreza STi
01/02 A4RG060Q (MT), A4RN1000 (MT)
03 A4RM000H (MT/AT), A4RM100H (MT), A4RN2000 (MT), A4RN200H (MT)
05 A4RN300G (MT)
06 A8DG300Z (MT)*, A8DH20 (MT)*, A8DH200Z (MT)*
07 A8DK100Z (MT)*
08 AZ1G201G (MT)*, AZ1G202G (MT)*
08/09 Z1G20000 (MT)*
11 AZ1J500G# (MT)*

Impreza WRX
01/02 A4SE300D (MT/AT), A4SE700D (MT/AT), A4SE900D (MT/AT)
03 A4TE001G (MT/AT), A4TE100G (MT/AT)
05 A4TE3000 (MT/AT), A4TE300D (MT/AT)
06 A8DH200Y (MT)*
07 A8DK100K (MT)*, A8DK100Y (MT)*
08 AZ1E400U (MT)*
09 AZ1G400U (MT)*

Legacy GT
10 AE5F301C# (AT)*

Legacy 3.0R
05 D2ZZ001E (AT)*
06 D0XJ001R (AT)*
08 D2TB201R (AT)*

Outback 2.5i
04 E2ZD508C (MT)*

09 DZ1G001F (AT)*

4.  Japanese Domestic Market (JDM)

Exiga 2.0GT
08 AZ1H102W (AT)*

Exiga 2.0i
08 E2TB101Q (AT)*

Forester STi
04 A2WA20 (MT)*, A2WC000E (MT)*
04–07 A2WC011E (MT)*, A2WC012E (MT)*, A2WC013E (MT)*

Forester Turbo
01/02 A4RI200I (MT/AT), A4RI300I (MT/AT), A4RI401I (MT/AT)

Forester XT
09 AZ1G105L (AT)*

Impreza 3.0R
04 D2WD610A# (MT)*

Impreza SGT
08 A2TB100U (MT)*, A2TB100V (AT)*, AZ1H101W (AT)*

Impreza STi
01/02 A4RG0500 (MT/AT), A4RG050N (MT/AT), A4RG050R (MT/AT), A4RG051N (MT/AT), A4RG052N (MT/AT), A4SD600B (MT/AT), A4SD700B (MT/AT), A4SD800B (MT/AT), A4SD900B (MT/AT), A4SDA00P (MT/AT), A4SDA00Q (MT/AT), A4SDA01B (MT/AT), A4SDA01Q (MT/AT)
03 A4TE001B (MT/AT), A4TE002B (MT/AT), A4TE002C (MT/AT), A4TE002Q (MT/AT)
05 A4TJ111B (MT/AT), A4TJ111C (MT/AT), A4TJ120S (MT/AT), A4TJ121B (MT/AT), A4TJ121C (MT/AT), A4TJ121S (MT/AT)
08 AZ1G300F (MT)*, AZ1G301F (MT)*
09 AZ1G500F (MT)*, AZ1G502L (AT)*
11 AZ1J500J# (AT)*, 11 AZ1G800F# (AT)*

Impreza WRX
01/02 A4SD501A (MT/AT), A4SD800A (MT/AT), A4SD900A (MT/AT)
03 A4TE000A (MT/AT)
04 A4TE200A (MT/AT)

Legacy 2.0
04 E2ZD308E (MT/AT)*

Legacy 2.5i
08 E2SB001K (AT)*

Legacy 3.0R
04 D2WD200A (MT)*, D2ZU200A ()*
05 D2WD604A (MT)*
07 D2UK001Q (AT)*

02 A4SH701H (MT/AT), A4SHB00H (MT/AT), A4SHC00G (MT/AT), A4SHC01G (MT/AT)

02 4SLEHB00 (MT/AT), A4SH701G (MT/AT), A4SHB00G (MT/AT)

Legacy GT spec.B
06 A2UG000K# (MT)*
07 A2TB100K (MT)*, A2UI000K (MT)*

Legacy GT
04 A2WD000A (AT)*, A2WD001A (AT)*, A2WD001B (MT)*, A2WD010A (AT)*, A2WD010B (MT)*, A2WD012A (AT)*, A2WD012B (MT)*, A2ZJ600B (MT)*, A2ZJ601A (AT)*, A2ZJ800A (AT)*, A2ZJC00B (MT)*, A2ZJD00A (AT)*, A2ZJD00B (MT)*, A2ZJD01A (AT)*, A2ZJD02B (MT)*
06 A2UG000B (MT)*, A2UH000A (AT)*
07 A2PG420A (AT)*, A2TB100B (MT)*, A2TB100Y (AT)*, A2UI000A (AT)*
08 A2SB000A (AT)*, A2TB100A (AT)*

Outback 2.5i
05 E2WD500D (AT)*

Outback XT
08 A2SB000Y (AT)*


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