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Warning: RomRaider is intended for use only by experienced tuners who understand the consequences. As with any tuning solution, the potential for engine damage is very high when altering your ECUs hard coded values. The use of appropriate equipment (ie, knock sensor, wideband oxygen sensor) is extremely important. By downloading RomRaider, you agree to assume all risks and accept its license. Use at your own risk.

Download RomRaider 0.5.8 Release Candidate 1 (2014–05–31)

The latest release of RomRaider is available here for Windows and here for Other Platforms. Both variants are installers (ZIP archives also available - see below) and require the latest 32bit (x86) version of Java SE JRE to already be installed.

Windows ZIP | Linux ZIP

This version of RomRaider does NOT ship with ECU or logger definitions. You are required to download and install both sets of definitions in order for RomRaider to be functional. You can find the latest ECU definitions HERE and the latest logger definitions HERE.

Archived versions can be found HERE

Release Notes

0.5.8 Release Candidate 1 Notes (05/31/2014)

This is the latest version of RomRaider from the GitHub repo (Please read the change list carefully!).

0.5.8 Release Candidate 1 Known Issues


  • Pasting table data can cause hangs under certain circumstances


  • Gauge min/max/step limits incomplete in logger.xml
  • ECU connections under Linux are flaky (start the logger after you’ve started the engine)
  • Update latency via injector tab broken for some models (eg. 2007 2.5i)
  • Switching between SSM and OBD protocol mode may not update the parameter list completely. A Logger restart will update the list correctly

Git bug list

Change Log

0.5.8 Release Candidate 1 Build#635 (05/31/2014)

[1] The settings XML file can be stored in the RomRaider directory as an alternate location. This allows multiple customized installations (using the ZIP version) to exist each with their own settings.


  • Improved ROM image compare functions
  • Memory utilization improvements
  • Updates to Save As Repository option
  • New Settings to customize table open/close and focus
  • New Settings to customize where tables open on the screen
  • New Settings for data cell select and highlight colours
  • Map colourization is no longer automatic when a cell is changed. Use the new button to re-colour the table after changes are made
  • Cell Tool-Tip displays real value of cell data
  • Fixed adding/removing associations
  • Added ability to Ctrl+Alt+Click(Drag) to un-select cells
  • Support added for multiple table scaling units. With a compatible ECU definition a user can select axis and/or data unit scaling such as imperial or metric, etc. A sample ECU def can be found here
  • Added a Raw Scaling definition so users can select it and see the table in its natural units as stored in the ROM image
  • Table Property updated to list all available scalings for the table as well as the Logger parameter ID used for the Logger overlay function
  • Removed JFontChooser library
  • Added ability to convert ROM image from 160kB to 192kB
  • Added ability to convert ROM image from 192kB to 160kB
  • Added Table axis and data cell interpolation feature
  • Added support for additional Checksum validation/corrections found in BRZ ROMs
  • Removed BareBonesBrowser library, now uses existing class
  • Updated Java 3D libraries to version 1.5.2


  • Fixed Learning Table Values international character support
  • Added support for PLX SM-AFR Gen 3
  • Removed reference to minimum Logger definition XML file version
  • New OBD mode 1 Logging support for CAN ECUs using J2534 (you will need logger.xml version 258 or higher)
  • Add protocol attribute to user Logging Profiles to indicate OBD and SSM profiles

Operational Notes

  • Since RomRaider relies on various externally provided classes and vendor libraries, the 64bit Java VM is not supported. The RomRaider installer and Editor will issue warnings if a 64bit Java VM is detected and advise the user to uninstall it and install the 32bit Java VM. It is unlikely that 64bit Java VM will even be supported as all external classes and vendor libraries must be compiled for native 64bit operation.
  • To log External sensors only, un-select both the ECU and TCU checkbox on the Logger menu bar. Then switch to the Externals tab and check the items to be logged. The log Externals only setting is not retained between logging sessions.
  • The use of ISO15765 requires a J2534 compliant cable. Since the J2534 specification only defines Windows 32bit systems as a valid platform, Linux systems are not officially supported. When/if a Linux J2534 driver becomes available then support can be enabled for non-Windows platforms.
Download RomRaider ECU and Logger Definitions

The latest RomRaider ECU and logger definitions, which may be updated independently of the software, can be found here: ECU definitions and Logger definitions. Definition updates can include additional table, parameter and ROM support as well as important bug fixes and other improvements.

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RomRaider is developed and supported by volunteers working on their own time. To support their efforts please consider making a donation.

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