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What Do I Need

Q What is everything Ill need to start tuning my car?

You will need:

  • The RomRaider software always use the latest version available at the RomRaider site:
  • The latest ecu definitions file (describes the location and format of data for different rom revisions) available here: . RomRaider will be bundled with the latest definitions at the time of release. However, newer definition versions may be available between releases.
  • RomRaider is written in Java, so you need to make sure your computer can support Java written applications and that it is updated to the newest version (download updates to Java here):
  • Ecuflash program (to read and flash roms) download the latest version, found here:
  • An OpenPort cable for Subarus (connects between your laptop and OBD-II port) - $79, purchase here:
  • A jumper block may be required for your Subaru to enable flashing. There are two versions, one for the 01/02 WRX and another for the 03–05 WRXs. These can be purchased for $9 a piece or they both come bundled with the $91 OpenPort cable ( ). Additionally, you can buy these adaptors in a complete set at your local Subaru dealer (~$30 part number 24036AA010). You can also use a jumper wire on the flash block as well. Drive-by-wire Subarus, such as the USDM 04+ STi, 06 WRX, and others do NOT need the jumper block at all.
  • A modern laptop with a USB port. A desktop computer could also be used for reading and flashing but you would need to place it close enough to the vehicle for the OpenPort cable to reach (do not use a USB extension cable with the OpenPort).
  • ECUexplorer program (to log, in realtime, various sensor data to help with tuning). This program also contains the ability to read/flash 16-bit ecus (essentially contains an older version of Ecuflash). Find Ecuexplorer here:
  • In addition to logging, proper gauges are required when tuning. These include, at a minimum, an EGT gauge, boost gauge, wideband O2 sensor and a knock detection device (such as TXS’ Knock Lite).


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