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Value Differences

Q Why do some of the values in RomRaider differ from other commercial tuning products?

There are a number of reasons why this might be the case:

  • Data can be represented in a number of different units for the same value. For example, boost or atmospheric pressure can be presented in psi, bar or mmHG and as absolute or relative pressure. Other values can be represented as a multiplier or a percent change for the same data. The value displayed in RomRaider may be different for the simple reason as a difference in the type of units used.
  • The number of decimal places used may also result in different values. It is important to remember that the ecu is often limited in what values it can represent. Extra decimal places does not necessarily mean that you have more control over that parameter as the ecu may not be able represent a value difference that small, depending on how that data is stored, its expected range of values and its conversion formula. In RomRaider, the definitions, for the most part, were created with this mind, giving the user the most control possible (where necessary) while making sure each digit is relevant.
  • The tables you are comparing might be different. There are quite a few tables which have similar values but have different functions.
  • The conversion formula used may be different. Even commercial tuners sometimes disagree on the conversion for some data.
  • The definitions for your particular rom and the values in question may be incorrect.

If you suspect that something is wrong, be sure to post about it in the “ECU definitions” forum on the RomRaider site.


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