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Supported Models

Q Which Subaru models are currently supported by RomRaider?

It is difficult to state which models and years are specifically supported, as Subaru likes to revise and make changes to the ecu’s image throughout the year (even within the same model). Whether or not your image is supported depends on whether your particular revision is defined by the software. RomRaider makes use of a separate “ecu definitions file” which describes where to find the tuning data for each supported revision. The most recent definition file has support for 87 different Subaru revisions:

  • USDM (United States Domestic Market): 43 revisions (02–05 WRX, 04–06 STi, 04–06 Forester XT, 05–06 Legacy GT, 05 Baja Turbo, 05–06 Outback XT)
  • EDM (European Domestic Market): 15 (“new age” WRXs and STis – various years including support for two FXTs)
  • JDM (Japanese Domestic Market): 16 (“new age” WRX and STi –various years including support for one LGT)
  • ADM (Australian Domestic Market): 13 (“new age” WRX and STi – various years including support for one FXT and two LGTs)


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