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Obsolete Revisions

Q I keep getting a message that a newer version of my ECU revision exists every time I open my rom. What does this mean?

This indicates that there is a newer revision available for your model year than the one you are currently editing. As described earlier, Subaru releases new revisions throughout the model year in order to solve unexpected issues that crop up. Subaru does not release these to the public, but users like yourself upload their unaltered rom copies where they can be downloaded and used. Typically, the real-world difference between revisions is negligible, but there are cases where significant problems have been solved, such as the detonation issue with the early USDM 04 STis. If you are tuning from a stock map anyway, it would probably be a good idea to upgrade to latest revision for your model year. However, if you are editing your Cobb or Ecutek flashed rom, then upgrading to a newer revision can erase all the added functionality of these tunes, including the ability to use the Accessport and capability of your Ecutek dealer to read your Ecutek license. It is always a good idea to keep an unaltered back up copy of your originally downloaded rom.

Even if you don’t receive the above message, there still might be a newer revision available from Subaru. The message just lets the user know that one is, in fact, available to download from the site. In addition, this feature has not been enabled widely on the non-USDM revisions due to the limited number of roms uploaded by users for these markets. To see which revisions are available to download, visit this site:


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