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Load and Iam Addresses

Here is a start to the load and IAM address list.

Note that Scoobypedia has a more up to date list at:

Impreza WRX

2002 WRX IAM: 0×20124 Load: 0×219bd

2003 WRX IAM: 0×20120 LOAD: 0×200BE

2004 WRX IAM: 0×20120 LOAD: 0×200EE

2005 WRX IAM: 0×20168 LOAD: 0×200F4

2006 WRX

IAM: 0xFF2B3C LOAD: 0xFF6848

Impreza WRX STi

2004 STi IAM FF854C Load FFA664

2005 STi IAM: FF2588 Load: FF4F48

2006 STi IAM: FF2588 Load: FF4F48

Legacy GT

2006 LGT IAM: FF2698 LOAD: FF50CC


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