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How Does it Work

Q How does RomRaider allow me to tune?

RomRaider does not directly edit the data on the vehicle’s ecu. You must first download a copy of your ecu’s image by using an additional program called Ecuflash (discussed below). A special cable, designed exclusively for Subarus, is used to connect your laptop to the OBD-II port in your car (which is located below your steering wheel). Once a copy of your image (also known as a rom) is downloaded from the vehicle’s ecu to your computer, you can then use RomRaider to make tuning changes to this rom. Once you’ve finished with your tune, you can then save a copy and transfer this edited image back to your vehicle’s computer in a process known as flashing. As long as you keep a back-up copy of your original image, you can revert back to it at any time.


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