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Ecu Definition Manager

Q How does the “Ecu Definition Manager” work and how is it useful?

Found in the Edit menu, the Ecu Definition Manager allows you to identify the definition files that RomRaider will consider when opening a rom and also their priority. This allows you to select multiple definition files from anywhere on your hard drive and choose the order in which RomRaider will consider them. When opening a rom, RomRaider will search the first definition file listed and if the rom is not found there, it will move onto the next definition file on the list and so on. In addition, you can name your definition files whatever you like as long as they have the .xml extension. If you add two or more definition files to the list that have support for the same rom revision, RomRaider will use the definitions from the file that is listed first. You can change the order of the files and therefore their priority by using the “move up” and “move down” buttons.


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