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Dealing Other Tuning Methods

Q What if my ecu already has an Ecutek custom tune, Protuner custom tune or a Cobb off-the-shelf Accessport map? How will they work with RomRaider and Ecuflash?

Ecutek has recently included a mandatory lock-out feature with their flashes, which prevents the reading or flashing of the ecu, except with Ecutek software by the commercial tuner. Prior to this, in most cases, you could download and edit your Ecutek flashed rom without a problem. Because RomRaider and Ecuflash will only change the values that you edited and not the whole image, it will typically not overwrite the Ecutek license or additional functionality like boost switching, as long as you are editing a copy of the original Ecutek rom that you downloaded from your car. As always, use at your own risk.

Cobb has talked about locking out Ecuflash reading/writing in the future, but as of this writing, in most cases, you are able to read, edit and flash changes to your Accessport uploaded maps, whether they are Protuner custom tunes or off-the-shelf Cobb maps. This, like the Ecutek, should still retain the functionality of the Accessport, as long as changes are made to a copy of the original rom you downloaded from your Accessport equipped ecu. However, Ecuflash cannot download or decipher the real-time maps loaded by the Accessport. Some tuners require you to use a real-time map in conjunction with a base map. In this case, you would only see the tunerís base map, which will differ from the actual values your ecu is using, since the real-time map contains tuning data that can override the values on the base map.

If you attempt to update the ecu to a different revision though, which often requires rewriting nearly every value on your ECUís image, you will lose all the functionality of the above devices, such as Ecutekís boost switching and Cobbís real-time mapping. You will also lose the license data for Ecutek and the ability to unmarry your Accessport from the ecu.

You should always keep an unedited backup copy of your rom in a safe place before you make changes.


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