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Checksum Fix

Q What is the checksum fix for the 32-bit Subarus?

With the 32-bit ecus, Subaru created a checksum system that verifies that the data in the rom, between specific addresses, has not be altered. If the checksum diagnosis fails, the vehicle is placed in a sort of limp-home mode with a flashing check engine light. When you edit a 32-bit rom, you can end up causing the ecu to fail its checksum sequence because the data no longer matches what is expected. Fortunately, RomRaider has a parameter called “Checksum Fix” that allows you to pass the checksum process, regardless of the changes you have made. Simply click on the “enable” check box and the checksum problem will be fixed after you save your rom. Un-checking the box and then saving will write the original factory checksum code back in.


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