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3d Graphing

Usage intro

A typical graph session has the following simple flow 1) Orient graph to your liking 2) Select cells that you wish to change 3) Apply change 4) Press F1 or F2 to select different renderings. Not all data renderings are user interractive.

Orientation, changing view

-Mouse wheel rotate zoom in & out. -Right mouse click for drag translation of entire graph. -Left mouse click rotate of graph. -Left & Right mouse click, then moving mouse up and down to zoom in and out.

Shift key held, adding to list of selected cells

(Selected items turn grey) -Single click on a unselected cell to add to selected list -Single click on a selected cell to remove from selected list -Double click on a cell to draw a diagonally bounded rectangle starting with previously selected cell

CTRL key held, changing cell values directly

(Assumed all currently selected cells will have their values changed simultaneously) -Pressing CTRL key puts graph into data reception mode. -Hold CTRL, enter in desired double number (ie 12.1) to put number into value scratch pad -While still holding CTRL, press one of the following keys

  • → ‘r’, to replace all selected cells values with entered number
  • → ‘i’, to increment all selected cells values with entered number

Numerical interpolation, ie data smoothing

NOTE: Data smoothing can only be applied to groups of cells with one dimension greater than or equal to 3 ie 3×1, 1×4, 3×3, 4×9 etc

NOTE: Multiple groups can be interpolated at once

Preconditions: groups of desired cells are selected

Usage: - Pressing ‘<’ will interpolate in the x (left to right) direction - Pressing ‘>’ will interpolate in the z (into monitor) direction - Pressing ‘/’ will do a best effort 2D interpolation (most common used)

Undoing a value change

-Of any groups of selected cells, given they have had a prior value, pressing ‘u’ will flip their data to the old value. -Pressing ‘u’ twice will toggle between the old and current value


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