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RomRaider 0.5.9 RC1 - Open Source ECU Tuning

RomRaider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern Subaru Engine Control Units and some older BMW M3 (MS41/42/43) DME. The intuitive tuning interface and powerful datalogger are modelled to be familiar to experienced professional tuners while providing all the power of expensive commercial products, without license fees.

Recent News

  • 21 April 15, RomRaider 0.5.9 release candidate 1 is out! Get it here.
  • 31 May 14, RomRaider 0.5.8 release candidate 1 is out! Get it here.
  • 28 Aug 13, RomRaider 0.5.7 release candidate 2 is out! Get it here.

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RomRaider is developed and supported by volunteers working on their own time. To support their efforts please consider making a donation.

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